Thursday, April 30, 2009

President Obama's (devastating) first 100 days

100 days into the era of the most pro-abortion president in American history, the administration's key "achievements" include:

Still to come on the agenda for President Obama and his allies:

  • Stem cell research legislation (possibly soon) that would allow federal funds to be used for research with human embryos created by cloning, specifically for the purpose of being killed for research.
  • Health care "reform" (probably this summer) with mandates that all insurers cover abortion on demand, and which will also likely result in the rationing of care and lead to euthanasia for the most vulnerable.
  • Attempts to rid appropriations bills of pro-life provisions, like the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding of most abortions, known to save many lives from abortion.
  • Federal judges and Supreme Court nominees utterly committed to the idea that the Constitution requires a nationwide policy of abortion on demand (Obama has already begun with nominee David Hamilton).
  • Ultimately, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), the pro-lifer's worst nightmare.

Interestingly, last night the president was asked about FOCA. He promised during the campaign that signing FOCA would be the "first thing" he'd do as president, but now he says FOCA "is not my highest legislative priority." Reuters and Jill Stanek have more.

The president also said he had been "consistent" in his position on abortion. "In fact, it is the only position thus far that has not come with an expiration date," notes Erick Erickson. I think, given political and pragmatic considerations, Obama's presidential actions to date are exactly what one would expect from someone wholly, unequivocally opposed to respect and protection for human beings in their earliest stages of development.

Dave Andrusko at NRLC reflects on Obama's first 100 days, and Jill Stanek carefully tracks Obama's "100 days of death."

Update: In commenting on the first 100 days, the Susan B. Anthony List notes that Obama has already accomplished 10 of 15 goals laid out for him by abortion advocacy groups in a December report.