Sunday, May 31, 2009

MCCL strongly condemns abortion-related violence

In the wake of the tragic death of abortionist George Tiller, below is MCCL's policy conerning violent acts, which is shared by the vast majority of those active in our peaceful movement.

MCCL condemns the use of any kind of violence or harassment. We condemn it even when used to prevent the violence of abortion, euthanasia or infanticide. We have always and will continue to work through peaceful, legal means to ensure the right to life for all citizens, including unborn children, people with disabilities and elderly persons.

MCCL's objective is to work in educational, legislative and political areas to bring peaceful solutions to these social problems. The solutions involve helping women, their children and the vulnerable, and our methods do not involve violence toward or harassment of anyone.

To underscore this long-standing policy, the MCCL Board of Directors adopted the following by-law on Oct. 18, 1987:
RESOLVED, that the following amendment be added to the by-laws of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc. No officer, board member, or employee of this corporation shall engage in or promote activities which are intended to, or likely to result in:

(a) violation of a court order;
(b) the arrest of said person;
(c) the citation of said person for the violation of criminal law or ordinances of the relevant jurisdiction.

Persons deemed in violation of this by-law by a majority of the officers shall be asked by the chief executive officer to submit a formal letter of resignation. Failure to submit a resignation within ten (10) days shall result in automatic termination. The chief executive officer shall inform the full Board of Directors of action taken under this by-law.

Terminations and removals of persons under this provision shall be considered as automatic actions by the Board of Directors pursuant to the provisions of Article 10, Section 10 Article VI, section 3 and Article VII section 3, of these by-laws.

Appeals by terminated parties, if requested in writing, will be heard by the full Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.