Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saline abortions still happen in Minnesota

American abortionists have denied saline abortion’s dangers to women and cruelty to unborn children for far too long. According to the Center for Health Statistics at the Minnesota Department of Health, the procedure may have been performed on more than 50 women in the state between 2002 and 2006.

It is unacceptable that saline instillation methods of abortion are still being performed on women in Minnesota. Saline abortions are a very real, serious threat to pregnant women’s lives and overall health, and an unnecessarily brutal way to kill unborn children.

Current state legislation would ban this gruesome abortion technique. From a February MCCL press release:
Cruel saline abortions would be banned under H.F. 1058 / S.F. 905, authored by Rep. Patti Fritz, DFL-Faribault, and Sen. Amy Koch, R-Buffalo. In a saline abortion procedure, the abortionist replaces the life-giving amniotic fluid in the womb with a hypertonic saline (salt) solution toxic to the unborn child. The baby swallows the salt and is poisoned. The corrosive effect of the salt solution often burns the outer layer of the baby’s skin. The mother delivers a burned, shriveled and dead baby.

“Saline abortions are one of the most brutal and inhumane medical procedures performed today,” said Andrea Rau, MCCL Legislative Associate. “Even though saline abortion causes horrific suffering for unborn babies and poses great dangers to women’s health, it is still legal in Minnesota. Outlawing this grotesque abortion procedure is long overdue.”
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