Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogging from the year's premier pro-life convention

Dave Andrusko is blogging from the National Right to Life Convention in Charlotte, which runs through Saturday.

As Frank Pavone writes on his blog:
Hundreds of pro-life activists will gather from around the country to sharpen their skills in talking about abortion, lobbying for pro-life laws, electing pro-life candidates, and healing those wounded by abortion.

Just as important, these pro-life people strengthen one another with their sharing of information, experience, and encouragement.

The National Right to Life Committee is one of the most respected and effective lobbying groups in the United States, as acknowledged by supporters of abortion as well as opponents. National Right to Life has also played an irreplaceable role in getting pro-life candidates elected to public office, and then keeping them pro-life once they get there.
Watch here and here for the latest news and updates from this big pro-life event.