Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UnChoice: Coercion and abortion

The Elliot Institute has put up a Web site -- called Abortion is the UnChoice -- exposing the coercion that is often present in women's decisions to have abortions.
Few people know about widespread unwanted, coerced or even forced abortions in America ...

Few fully understand its heartbreaking, even deadly, aftermath for teens and women of all ages — especially when the abortion was unwanted or even forced, or if family, friends and even experts have dismissed the injustice ... denied the grief ... or failed even to acknowledge the mothers who died from pregnancy-related violence or in the aftermath of abortion.

For decades, many women were denied help when they needed it most or given false or misleading information from trusted health care providers, parents and even pastors. Some were told there was no available help. Others were deceived about fetal development and kept in the dark about alternatives, even though studies indicate the majority felt rushed and uncertain, or pressured by others. Few were screened for evidence of unwanted, coerced or forced abortion. Now, many are expected to absorb the significant, heartbreaking, and even deadly aftereffects alone.
MCCL has material on coerced abortions here.