Monday, June 15, 2009

Universal health care is not free

There are many positive aspects to the American health care system. In fact, Minnesota has been ranked the healthiest state in the nation 11 out of the past 18 years. Even so, there are many people advocating a massive overhaul of our system to provide so-called universal health care. No one opposes covering everyone; the real question is, how can we best do it?

Those who think that the "sky is falling" in the health care arena argue that the only way to ensure that health care costs are contained and that all individuals have access to affordable health care is to put the government in charge. They claim that if the government ran the health care system, set the prices and paid all the bills, then everyone would get what they wanted and needed when they needed it, and it would be free!

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Government-run health care always becomes rationed health care: Why pro-lifers care.

Health care is possible without rationing.