Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dan Rather to speak at local Planned Parenthood event

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather will be the keynote speaker at an October 13 Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Minneapolis.

MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach said this: "For years viewers watched Dan Rather deliver the news of the day believing he was objective and fair, while the whole time he harbored anti-life views. ... Clearly Dan Rather has never been objective, in fact his support of Planned Parenthood proves how radical his views truly are."

At NewsBusters, Matthew Balan looks at some of Rather's record:
The CBS anchor did not make much of an effort to hide his left-wing views on the issue of abortion. Almost twenty years ago, on July 23, 1990, Rather asked then-Senator Paul Simon, "Is there any doubt in your mind that [David Souter's, who was nominated to the Supreme Court that year] views pretty well parallel those of John Sununu's, which means he's anti-abortion or anti-women's rights, whichever way you want to put it?"

Eight years later, the anchor issued a glowing tribute to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger: "One thing America didn't talk about early in the century was sex. Margaret Sanger changed that. She was a true revolutionary who went to jail for the crime of promoting birth control, a phrase she coined. ... For half a century, Margaret Sanger spoke passionately in favor of women's rights, taking on all the enemies of birth control, including the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church."
Sanger, of course, was a eugenicist who wanted to "weed out the unfit." But she's still a hero to staunch abortion advocates, including, apparently, Dan Rather.