Thursday, September 3, 2009

If you live in Minnesota ...

... you must attend one of MCCL's 2009 Fall Tour meetings, which educate and equip pro-lifers on current right-to-life issues, legislation, activism and more.

MCCL will hold 44 different meetings in towns all across Minnesota, starting Sept. 9 and with the last meeting on Oct. 28. See the schedule to find the meeting nearest you.

From the Web site:

The MCCL Fall Tour is an educational program that helps people keep up-to-date on pro-life issues. And the best part about it? We come to you! That's right! We send knowledgeable pro-life speakers from MCCL's State Office to various locations throughout Minnesota. Every event is free and open to the public. We would love to have you join us at one of our upcoming presentations!

In an effort to meet MCCL volunteers up-close and personal, the State Office launched its Fall Tour program in 2003. Teams of staff persons were sent to every region of Minnesota throughout September and October. The first Fall Tour was a tremendous success as volunteers learned about the latest ultrasound technology, picked up new brochures for teens, took billboards home and much more.

The Fall Tour has become so popular that it is now much anticipated every year. "We are able to meet with several times as many MCCL volunteers as normally come to the MCCL State Convention, which is one of our goals," MCCL President Leo LaLonde explains. "People appreciate the fact that we come to them, and they turn out in large numbers for our training."

MCCL staffers offer a PowerPoint presentation to educate and equip pro-life volunteers for effective work in their own communities. Positive Alternatives, stem cell research and human cloning, the burgeoning pro-life movement among young people and similar topics have been covered.

New materials delivered to MCCL Chapter volunteers have included brochures on forced abortion, stem cell research, taxpayer funding of abortion and why young people should become active pro-life citizens.

MCCL staffers discuss pro-life legislation that MCCL is working to pass. MCCL volunteers are given details of bills and how they can participate in the effort to make them law.

Media coverage of the meetings is widespread and positive. Dozens of newspapers across the state run articles and photos of local pro-lifers joining together to share the message of life in their communities.

"These meetings have been a real shot in the arm for MCCL's volunteers across Minnesota," LaLonde concluded. "Our Fall Tour helps MCCL activists feel prepared and ready to take action in the mission to protect precious lives."