Friday, January 15, 2010

The devastation of sex-selection abortion

The Associated Press reported on Jan. 12:

Abortions of girl fetuses are expected to leave China with 24 million more men than women over the next decade, according to a study that warns the imbalance will dash many young men's chance at marriage and lead to increased crime.

China enforces strict family planning controls, including limiting most couples to having one child. Because of a traditional preference for male heirs, many families terminate pregnancies of girl babies in order to be able to continue trying for a boy. Infanticide of baby girls has also become a problem.

The study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, reported in Chinese state media this week, specifically said such preferences were behind the ballooning imbalance.

"Sex-specific abortions are extremely commonplace, especially in rural areas," the CASS report said. "The phenomenon of abortions of female fetuses is very serious."

China is showing us the horror of sex-selection abortion -- morally and culturally. But it's not just a Chinese problem. A June 2009 New York Times story cited several studies showing that some Americans of Asian descent retain a preference for sons and sometimes choose abortion because of it.

That's why MCCL supports legislation in Minnesota to ban sex-selection abortion.