Friday, January 22, 2010

Six thousand rally for life in St. Paul

Thousands at MCCL March for Life call for ban on saline, sex-selection and forced abortions

Pawlenty, pro-life officials participate in March commemorating 37 years of abortion on demand

ST. PAUL – Six thousand Minnesotans marched at the State Capitol today to urge lawmakers to ban cruel saline abortions and sex-selection abortions. They also called for an end to coerced abortions in which women experience pressure or physical violence. The huge Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) March for Life commemorates the millions of lives lost to abortion.

Pro-life Gov. Tim Pawlenty energized the enormous crowd by underscoring the mission of the pro-life movement: "We're here today to remind our fellow citizens and policymakers in this state and around the country that we stand for protecting life, and we want to promote and celebrate a culture of life in Minnesota and in the United States of America."

The 2010 MCCL March for Life marked the 37th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions that have resulted in the deaths of more than 543,000 unborn Minnesota children (Minnesota Department of Health), and more than 52 million unborn babies nationwide. In addition, recent research from the Elliot Institute shows that nearly two-thirds of post-abortive women report that coercion was a factor in their abortions.

"No woman should ever be forced to abort her baby—not by relatives, the child’s father or abortionists," MCCL Executive Committee member Jackie Miller told the huge crowd of citizens from across the state. "We have legislation this year to stop coerced abortions, saline abortions and sex-selection abortions. Women deserve better than abortion!"

MCCL called upon lawmakers to increase funding for Positive Alternatives as they deliberate over the budget deficit. Passed in 2005, this legislation provides grants to organizations that help pregnant women in need successfully face the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. More than 12,000 women received critical help in the program's first two-year grant cycle; 6,500 women were served in the third year.

"Positive Alternatives saves lives," Miller explained. "We must expand this program that offers women real choices!"

MCCL's 2010 legislative agenda also calls for a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion. In 2007 (most recent figures), Minnesotans were forced to pay nearly $1.6 million for elective abortions, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Taxpayers now fund 28 percent of all abortions in the state. The MCCL agenda includes a bill requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and a human cloning prohibition.

Many of Minnesota's federal and state pro-life elected officials were in attendance and were introduced during the brief program on the Capitol steps. "The pro-abortion majority in Washington, D.C., is crumbling!" declared pro-life Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. "We're going to stand strong and we are going to continue, because it is one battle at a time, and we are winning!"

Congressman Erik Paulsen also addressed the crowd: "No issue is more important than life. Thank you for being here today – you are making a difference for life!"

Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau also spoke briefly, encouraging Minnesota's pro-life majority to keep up the fight to protect unborn children. Written greetings were sent by pro-life U.S. Reps. John Kline, Collin Peterson and James Oberstar.

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