Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abortionist has no problem crushing the unborn

Testimony from abortionist Dr. Stephen T. Chasen:
COURT QUESTION: Dr. Chasen, in your experience, how is the fetal head extracted in a dismemberment D&E?

ABORTIONIST DR. CHASEN: The fetal head is extracted by placing the forceps around it and crushing it.

COURT QUESTION: How readily is that — how easy is that to accomplish?

CHASEN: In some cases it is relatively easily accomplished and in other cases it is very difficult.

COURT QUESTION: Does it hurt the baby?

CHASEN: I don't know.

COURT QUESTION: But you go ahead and do it anyway, is that right?

CHASEN: I am taking care of my patients, and in that process, yes, I go ahead and do it.

COURT QUESTION: Does that mean you take care of your patient and the baby be damned, is that the approach you have?

CHASEN: These women who are having [abortions] at gestational ages they are legally entitled to it —

COURT QUESTION: I didn't ask you that, Doctor. I asked you if you had any caring or concern for the fetus whose head you were crushing.

(HT: Live Action)