Sunday, April 25, 2010

DFL endorses radical abortion advocate Kelliher for governor

The following MCCL news release was issued last night, April 24.

The Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party today endorsed Speaker of the State House of Representatives Margaret Anderson Kelliher as its nominee for Governor of Minnesota. Anderson Kelliher has a long history of toeing the line for the radical fringe of the abortion movement.

She has consistently opposed commonsense limitations on abortion and been a staunch advocate for forcing Minnesota taxpayers to fund abortion, even while opposing aid for pregnant women. Her accumulated pro-life voting record since 1999 is 90 pro-abortion votes and 1 pro-life vote.

A close look at Anderson Kelliher's radical record in support of abortion shows that she voted:

• For taxpayer funded abortions (7 times).
• Against a ban on partial-birth abortion.
• Against medically accurate informed consent (34 times).
• Against providing support and resources to pregnant women in need (5 times).
• In favor of funding human cloning (8 times).

The lone pro-life vote that Anderson Kelliher cast was in favor of final passage of the 2005 Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill in which abortion was not the central issue of the legislation.

"Anderson Kelliher is an extremist on the issue of abortion," stated MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach. "She has never heard of an abortion she didn't support or want to force taxpayers to pay for."

Before Anderson Kelliher gets to the general election in November she will need to win the DFL primary. Current DFL candidates for the primary election all support abortion on demand and include Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza and Susan Gartner.

The general election in November will see one of these pro-abortion DFL candidates run against Republicans Marty Seifert or Tom Emmer, both of whom have long legislative records in support of women and their unborn children.