Friday, September 17, 2010

In governor's race, who is the moderate?

"It's not time to go to the far left or the far right, but to reach the broad moderate middle," former Gov. Arne Carlson said recently. Which candidate in the race for Minnesota governor represents "the broad moderate middle" on abortion?

More than 12,000 unborn human beings are killed (for any reason) each year in Minnesota -- the leading cause of death in our state. They are butchered and treated in a way in which we would not contemplate treating animals. Thousands of pregnant women -- targeted by a wealthy abortion industry flush with taxpayer dollars -- face unexpected and difficult pregnancies and need support and alternatives to abortion.

Most Minnesotans know that this is bad stuff. Even many people who don't take the pro-life view acknowledge that abortion is a bad thing and think pregnant women in need should be supported. There's a lot of common ground on abortion -- a lot of common-sense measures that most Minnesotans agree with.

So it is remarkable that two of the three major candidates for governor -- Tom Horner and Mark Dayton -- are on the fringe of this issue, rejecting virtually all limitations on abortion.

For example, Woman's Right to Know ensures that pregnant women receive basic factual information prior to an abortion procedure and has helped reduce abortions in Minnesota. Horner says he opposes it (he considers this "driving a wedge," though the bill passed with large bipartisan majorities). Horner also supports requiring that every taxpayer help pay for other people's abortions (though when asked about it, he seemed pretty clueless).

Dayton is a faithful believer in unlimited abortion on demand, at every stage of pregnancy, funded with taxpayer dollars. He does not tolerate even the slightest limitations -- overwhelmingly supported by the public -- such as parental notification before a minor has an abortion, and the ban on partial-birth abortion.

Only Tom Emmer supports the kind of decent measures most Minnesotans support as a means of reducing abortions and helping women.