Monday, October 25, 2010

Where do the candidates for Congress stand on life?

Minnesota has eight seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and all are up for election this year. Below are the major candidates in each of the eight Congressional races.

Our Voter's Guide includes the candidates' responses to the MCCL pro-life questionnaire (on page 4). Go here to view the pro-life records of the MCCL Federal PAC-endorsed candidates (Demmer, Kline, Paulsen, Collett, Bachmann, Peterson and Cravaack). Go here to view the voting records of Minnesota's current Congressional delegation.

District 1   Tim Walz (pro-abortion) v. Randy Demmer* (pro-life)
District 2   Shelley Madore (pro-abortion) v. John Kline* (pro-life)
District 3   Jim Meffert (pro-abortion) v. Erik Paulsen* (pro-life)
District 4   Betty McCollum (pro-abortion) v. Teresa Collett* (pro-life)
District 5   Keith Ellison (pro-abortion) v. Joel Demos (pro-life)
District 6   Tarryl Clark (pro-abortion) v. Michele Bachmann* (pro-life)
District 7   Lee Byberg (pro-life) v. Collin Peterson* (pro-life)
District 8   James Oberstar (mixed record) v. Chip Cravaack* (pro-life)

* endorsed by MCCL Federal PAC