Thursday, February 10, 2011

The problem with Planned Parenthood is at its core

Christopher Tollefsen, writing about Planned Parenthood:
It is no exaggeration to say that the corruption in Planned Parenthood's rank and file merely reflects the profound moral error at the core of an organization that must deny truth and love so as to destroy life.

Planned Parenthood's very mission infects its practice, revealing it to be a parody of a real medical organization. A willingness to help all in need, and to protect patients' privacy and confidentiality, are important parts of the practice of medicine. Yet these virtues are perverted by employees willing to overlook crimes, such as sex trafficking, that are among the most grievous harms that can be inflicted upon women. By trying to enable a pimp to get his underage prostitutes medical care for venereal diseases, the New Jersey Planned Parenthood worker, subsequently fired, showed herself unable to distinguish between providing medical help, and aiding in the systematic abuse of women.

The worker's shady ethics reflect the confusion of an organization that persistently and deliberately conflates killing and care. In its continuing propaganda onslaught, Planned Parenthood passes up no opportunity to identify its purpose as "reproductive health." Yet the provision of abortion is clearly not a form of health care, reproductive or otherwise. Indeed, it is the very opposite.