Thursday, March 3, 2011

A former insider exposes the abortion industry

Texas pro-life activist Carol Everett spoke at the University of Minnesota last night. Everett's past involvement with the abortion industry is detailed in her book Blood Money: Getting Rich Off a Woman's Right to Choose.

Everett had an abortion herself in 1973, and subsequently entered into a long period of self-destructive behavior. Eventually she got involved in the abortion industry, where she saw the promise of making a lot of money. She started two abortion clinics, where she was owner and director, and planned to open more. She mastered the art of selling abortions to women using careful sales scripts (she says her over-the-phone "counselors" were really "telemarketers"), manipulation and out-right lies. Despite the pretend emphasis on birth control and related services, "We only sold one product," Everett says -- abortion. Women were intentionally given low-dose birth control that predictably resulted in pregnancy.

Everett's clinics sold abortions to women who weren't even pregnant (performing fake suction "abortions"), a practice that was exposed by an undercover local TV news crew. Why did the abortionists lie? Because they profited handsomely from each abortion, and Everett and her clinics took in a good percentage. (And, Everett says, abortionists tend to be the least qualified, most scummy members of the medical profession.)

Abortion instruments weren't properly sanitized between abortions, so as to maximize the number of abortions the clinics could pack into a day. When a woman was harmed by an abortion, no one called the ambulance -- because that would be bad publicity. Nor did they rush the injured woman to the nearest hospital. They drove her to whatever facility would best help them cover it up.

During her time as an abortion entrepreneur, Everett oversaw the killing of about 35,000 unborn children. She calls abortion "the largest unregulated legal industry today." The lack of regulation has had horrifying consequences, for both women and children. We see those consequences in Pennsylvania, in Texas, in Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.

Minnesota abortion clinics remain unregulated and uninspected.