Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MCCL statement regarding today's University of Minnesota roundtable on cloning legislation

"The University of Minnesota's roundtable event in support of human cloning will undoubtedly touch off another round of inaccurate stories in the media. Most of the reporting so far has consisted of wild claims about the loss of jobs and money for our state. This will supposedly happen if the University and the Mayo Clinic are not allowed to engage in a practice they are not even currently pursuing: the creation of new human organisms by cloning.

"Some in the press have even erroneously reported that stem cell research would be criminalized if the ban on human cloning is enacted!

"The legislation under consideration is simple and straightforward. It bans human cloning. It does not ban stem cell research; it does not prevent cures and treatments; it does not fire researchers; and it does not stop the University or the Mayo Clinic from any of the work they are doing. The bill simply prevents the creation -- for any and all purposes -- of a human clone."