Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

The following is from MCCL President Leo F. LaLonde.

Mother's Day is that special day set aside every year to acknowledge the part that mothers play in our lives and in our culture. Pregnancy, birth and child raising call for vast resources from the lives of women.

This year, make a point to express your thanks to your own mother—the one who gave you birth and/or the one who raised you—and to honor the other mothers in your family, church and community.

It is through a mother's generosity that we experience life and love. Motherhood requires great sacrifice, even when a woman decides to place her child into the arms of a loving family. Whether motherhood was planned or unplanned, whether the mother placed her baby for adoption or adopted a child, all mothers are held in our hearts and prayers.

Moms—who love deeply and bring a new life into the world—deserve the best on this, their special day. Happy Mother's Day today and every day!