Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do not forget fathers; men must not be silent

On Father's Day we honor fathers. It is a fitting time to remember two truths pertaining to an abortion discussion that is largely woman-centric:

(1) Many men are affected (negatively) by the tragedy of abortion. Many men regret lost fatherhood after a wife or girlfriend has an abortion -- often under pressure to abort from the father himself. Abortion takes its toll on both sexes.

(2) Men can and should speak out and defend what is good, right and just. They must stand against the killing of innocent, unborn human beings who ought to be cherished and protected, not dismembered for our convenience or alleged benefit. They must advocate for the true welfare of pregnant women, some of whom face coercion or have suffered abuse (see, for example, Planned Parenthood's abuse-covering abortion practices).

As Frank Pavone puts it: "Real men don't stand around with their hands at their side when innocent babies are being ripped apart. They do something to defend these children."