Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Analysis shows strong link between abortion and mental health problems

A new study -- "the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature" -- is getting mainstream media attention.

The meta-analysis was published by Dr. Priscilla Coleman on Sept. 1 in the British Journal of PsychiatryNotes Dr. Randall K. O'Bannon of National Right to Life:
Coleman examined 22 of the best designed studies on abortion and mental health over the years 1995-2009 which tracked outcomes for 877,181 women, 163,831 who had experienced abortion. Coleman found that aborting women showed an 81% increased risk of mental health problems, with particular risks (e.g., substance abuse, suicide) even higher.

Moreover, Coleman's meta-analysis showed that 9.9% of the incidence of mental health problems in the population group of aborted women was directly attributable to abortion. This also included 34.9% of suicides in this group.

By anyone's definition, this is a substantial risk.
Dr. Coleman says:
I firmly believe women deserve an accurate appraisal of the best available evidence and they should be making truly informed decisions. Applying basic methods of science, this quantitative review easily provides an objective depiction of the state of knowledge ... Women considering an abortion should know abortion may increase their risk of experiencing mental health problems as opposed to being told that there are no risks or very minimal risks, which seems to be common practice.