Monday, February 6, 2012

Attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday, Feb. 7

Participants at the 2012 MCCL March for Life call for laws to protect human life.
Tomorrow are Minnesota's precinct caucuses. Republicans, of course, will get to vote for one of the Republican presidential candidates to challenge President Obama, but members of both major political parties will select delegates and help shape the party platform. From an MCCL email today:
The precinct caucus is the most important political event of every two years for pro-lifers. Why? Pro-life laws will not be enacted unless pro-lifers are active in grassroots politics. Only then will Minnesota's pro-life majority win at the polls.

Precinct caucuses will be held Tuesday, Feb. 7, by Minnesota's Republican and Democratic-Farmer-Labor parties. We urge you to attend your caucus to help elect pro-life delegates and to propose pro-life resolutions. Only a small percentage of citizens attend precinct caucuses, which means your single vote profoundly impacts public policy.

Electing pro-life delegates and alternates is your first priority at your precinct caucus. We urge you to support a pro-life platform for your party by becoming a delegate to your district or county convention.

Resolutions passed at the precinct level can become part of your party's state platform. Sample pro-life resolutions can be found at the MCCL website. Any caucus participant may propose a resolution. Be sure to bring one or more written copies with you.

Find your precinct caucus location at the Minnesota Secretary of State's website — click on "Caucus Finder."

All precinct caucuses begin at 7 p.m. Please dedicate an hour or two of your time to uphold the right to life by attending your caucus on Tuesday!