Thursday, March 22, 2012

State representative says clinic licensing bill anti-Minnesotan

A WCCO (Channel 4) news story last night included a clip of Rep. Bev Scalze (DFL-Little Canada), speaking (with sarcasm) against the MCCL-backed bill to require that abortion facilities be licensed:
We just can't do anything right here, we're just so bad and everything is so wrong here. Because somebody did something wrong in Pennsylvania, we are no good in Minnesota.
This is just so bizarre. Of course, supporters of the bill do not hold to the position or reasoning that she mocks. No one does.

To support basic law enforcement, for example, is not to attack the character of Minnesota and say that "everything is so wrong here." Nor is that the case with all manner of laws and regulations. And the same is true of the proposed legislation to license abortion clinics and allow for inspections. It is precisely because Minnesota is a great state that we have good standards and seek to protect our citizens.

Pennsylvania isn't a bad state either. But there was a bad guy there who did horrifying things, and he got away with it for years because there were no abortion clinic inspections. In that regard, the state's elected officials failed the women of Pennsylvania, as investigators concluded.

We can be better than that — if our legislators and governor decide to enact this bill.