Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rio+20: Human beings must be the center of all sustainable development

The following was released today by MCCL GO.

Tomorrow, the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The two-day conference of world leaders will be the culmination of months of work dedicated to what is also known as the "Earth Summit."

The Rio+20 outcome document, known as "The Future We Want," has been contentious for months and poured over by negotiators for thousands of hours. "Any international meeting can be hijacked by those who want to push their abortion agenda, and Rio+20 is now on the world stage," stated Scott Fischbach of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach (MCCL GO).

In addressing the issues of sustainable development, MCCL GO collaborated with National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund to submit a document to the Rio proceedings, which can be found here.

This statement puts the focus of sustainable development where it needs to be, on the individual human being. In part, the statement reads, "The loss of mothers and babies due to lack of even basic health care and the failure to dedicate adequate resources to save women’s lives is the greatest impediment to development in all areas."

"It is imperative that the proceedings in Rio remain focused on sustainable development and the center of all development — the individual human being," Fishbach concluded.

The homepage for the Rio conference can be found here.

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And you can watch the conference live at this link.