Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thousands join MCCL March for Life; women speak out against taxpayer funded abortions

Dozens of legislators participate in March commemorating 40 years of abortion on demand

ST. PAUL – More than two thousand Minnesotans marched at the State Capitol today, braving sub-zero temperatures, to urge lawmakers to ban taxpayer funded abortions and to repeal the Family Cap. Large numbers of young people turned out for the event.

Today's 2013 MCCL March for Life marked the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions that have resulted in the deaths of more than 578,000 unborn Minnesota children (Minnesota Department of Health), and more than 55 million unborn babies nationwide. A brief history of MCCL's early marches is available on our website.

MCCL announced its 2013 legislative agenda, which calls upon lawmakers to ban taxpayer funded abortions. Since the Minnesota Supreme Court's 1995 Doe v. Gomez decision requiring taxpayers to fund abortions, the state has spent more than $18 million to pay for 62,000 abortions, even though the vast majority of Minnesotans are opposed to taxpayer funded abortions.

"The State of Minnesota pays for abortions and it is time to stop it," said MCCL Executive Committee member Cathy Blaeser. "This year we are calling again for the Legislature to ban taxpayer funded abortions!"

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MCCL's legislative agenda also calls for repeal of the state's Family Cap law and for licensing of abortion facilities. Various academic institutions, including a widely cited study from Rutgers University, have concluded that not only do Family Caps not lower birthrates for poor families, but Family Caps increase abortion rates. The Legislature passed a measure to license abortion facilities last year, but it was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

A total of 59 state legislators attended the March for Life and were introduced by MCCL as the crowd applauded.

Minnesota's pro-life Congressional delegation was in Washington, D.C., today, but each of them sent greetings to the crowd. "I believe life begins at conception," wrote Congressman John Kline. "Accordingly, I believe taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund abortion or support groups who provide such services." He has cosponsored a bill to ban federal funding of abortion providers.

"Nothing is more important than life and we need to use our votes and our voices and our energy and our faith and our friendships to protect the primacy of life," said Congressman Erik Paulsen.

"I want to commend Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life for its noble mission on behalf of the most vulnerable among us," wrote Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. "I am proud to stand side by side with all of you in defending life."

Congressman Collin Peterson pledged to continue working to pass pro-life policies. "Thank you for your efforts in defense of human life ... I will continue to work with you on these important issues."

Members of Silent No More Minnesota, which offers hope and healing to post-abortive women and men, held signs expressing regret over their abortions and offering hope to others.

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