Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Does Tom Horner support rationing of your health care?

The following MCCL news release was issued today, May 19.

MINNEAPOLIS — In the January 3, 1997, edition of Minneapolis-St. Paul City Business, Tom Horner made the following statements regarding the health care issue and managed care:
"What they (MCCL) set out to do could have a dramatic impact in 1997," said Tom Horner, of the Bloomington-based public policy firm Himle Horner Inc. "The involvement of the pro-life community makes the end-of-life decisions much more of a political debate than an individual issue or medical concern."

"What will start to emerge is the recognition that there has to be a move away from the fee-for-service," Horner said. "And more and more people will have to be moved into managed care with some limitations, and that is going to be a pretty difficult task."
The voters of Minnesota need to know whether Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner still wants to take away their right to use their own money to save their own lives by eliminating fee-for-service medical care. Horner's position in favor of "moving away" from fee-for-service and into "managed care with some limitations" simply means health care rationing—the denial of care to those who need it. Even Pres. Obama's health care overhaul doesn't go that far!

Last week, Horner solidified his pro-abortion stance by announcing his support for taxpayer funded abortions and opposition to Woman's Right to Know, which provides women with factual information about abortion risks, complications and alternatives. But denying lifesaving medical care to vulnerable people takes his anti-life convictions to a deeper level.

MCCL has long held a position in favor of fee-for-service medical care as an option for individuals to secure the medical care that they want and need—using their own money.

It's time for Tom Horner and his campaign to stop tweeting and spinning around the issues. His radical support for abortion and health care rationing makes Horner's candidacy unacceptable to the people of Minnesota.