Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tom Horner, candidate for governor, is pro-abortion

The following MCCL news release was issued today, May 11.

MINNEAPOLIS—Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner spent yesterday attempting with all his might to spin a position on abortion that could not be labeled pro-life or pro-choice. He was successful: his real position is 100 percent pro-abortion.

Horner stated that he would not have signed Minnesota's Woman's Right to Know law providing basic informed consent information prior to an abortion procedure; that he supports taxpayer funded abortions; that he does not believe the office of governor should have anything to do with protecting unborn human beings; and that the abortion issue should be handled exclusively on the federal level.

"As a political spin doctor, you would think that Tom Horner could have come up with a better abortion position than 'I won't be labeled,'" stated Scott Fischbach, Executive Director of MCCL. "If a candidate opposes Woman's Right to Know and wants to force taxpayers to buy other people's abortions, he is clearly not 'in the middle' on the abortion issue—he is pro-abortion."

At his press conference Horner was joined by former Congressman Tim Penny, a notorious abortion flip-flopper, and former U.S. Sen. David Durenberger, whose politics could best be described as erratic since leaving the U.S. Senate in scandal. Horner also announced the support of longtime abortion supporter Sally Pillsbury.

Horner joins the other pro-abortion candidates—DFL'ers Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Matt Entenza and Mark Dayton—in seeking to replace pro-life Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It is only Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer who has a 100 percent pro-life record.

"Tom Emmer is the only major candidate for governor who understands the importance of supporting unborn children and their mothers in our state," Fischbach added. "All of the other candidates support a radical pro-abortion agenda, including forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions."